Baron Edmund Rothschild builds the land of Israel as we know it
zichron yaakov
zichron yaakov nili museum
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zichron yaakov
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Zichron YaakovTour : A Successful Beginning to the First Aliya

The quaint old charming beautifully preserved town of Zichron Yaakov looks much like it did 150 years ago when it was first founded. Even at 150 years old it still as beautiful as the day Baron Edmund Rothschild built it! Come...

Walk on its pedestrian town center

Enjoy a lunch

Visit the Old Shul

See the exciting Nili Home and hear about the courage of this spy ring

Enjoy making Paper from Scratch!

Stop by the First Aliya Museum

Walk through the beautiful Rothschild Gardens

Zichron Yaakov is a charming stop that you will be happy you made!

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